Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets

A Programmer's Cookbook

By Sven Boris Schreiber

Welcome to the homepage of my book Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets - A Programmer's Cookbook, published in May, 2001, by Addison-Wesley. Here you find additional information about the contents of this book and its companion CD, as well as the most recent additions and updates.

Get the free PDF version of this book!

Yep, the book is out of print, and used copies cost a fortune... For some time, a Russian translation was available as well, but it's likewise out of print for a long time now. However, don't you worry anymore - an electronic edition of the entire book is online now, including the complete companion CD image just as it was distributed with the printed version! This is what many developers around the world have desperately been waiting for...

Free PDF version of "Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets"

More News: PDB File Parsing - Revisited

Did you like the w2k_pdbx utility, which extracts streams from PDB files? Did you dislike that it stopped working when Visual Studio 7.0 hit the developer community? Well, here's the rescue: It's an updated PDB exploder that should have been part of an abandoned Windows XP version of the book. Sorry for the somewhat raw user interface - it's just sort of a a preliminary version. It should not be online in this unfinished state - however, you asked for it, so I give it to you. Please don't ask me anything about this tool... frankly, I have forgotten what's inside.

How This Book Was Born...

Poking around in the binary code of operating systems has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Just a couple of weeks before I had the idea to this book, my article Inside Windows NT System Data had been published in Dr. Dobb's Journal, showing how to retrieve internal system data by means of the undocumented kernel API function NtQuerySystemInformation(). The preparatory research to this article has left me with a huge amount of unpublished material that longed for being printed somewhere, and so I yelled: "Hey, how about a book about Windows 2000 Internals?" Regarding the obvious similarities between Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, plus my pile of interesting undocumented information too valuable to be buried, this seemed to be a great idea, and I am proud that this idea took the physical form of this book. While transforming the stuff I had collected so far into something that was readable by other people, I discovered lots of other interesting things along the way, so this book also features a great deal of brand-new material that I hadn't planned to include beforehand.

Companion Article Series At InformIT.com

Want to read some excerpts? Or got the book, but still ain't got enough? So this is for you: InformIT.com has published some articles that complement the stuff found in this book, along with long excerpts from the most interesting book chapters. Check it out!

InformIT - Authors: Sven Boris Schreiber

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Author: Sven Boris Schreiber, June 6, 2010